4 months after last release and with 510 downloads we have a new version with new features and new payment gateway 😉

What’s new at 2.5.0

  • MercadoPago payment gateway!
  • Bug on installation with email templates
  • Improved contact form subject
  • Default currency for currency converter widget
  • Controller order search by email
  • License validation fails (was hotfixed for 2.4.0)
  • Improved price format
  • facebook comments language improvements
  • 2co sandbox fixed

How to Update?

Automatic Update versions >= 1.8.0

  1. Make a backup of all your files and DB (recommended)
  2. Log in at your OE admin panel
  3. Click on search for updates
  4. Click update.
  5. Ready!

Manual Update versions below 1.8.0

Please follow the instructions carefully to prevent from getting into any errors. Be aware that you will need at least PHP 5.5.

  1. Make a backup of all your files and DB (recommended)
  2. Log in at your OE admin panel
  3. Activate the default theme if you had a premium theme
  4. Download latest 2.5.0 and extract the files in its folder
  5. Enable maintenance mode
  6. Open your FTP or your website file manager
  7. Delete all files in your website folder except for the following:
    1. robots.txt
    2. /oc/config/auth.php
    3. /oc/config/database.php
    4. .htaccess
    5. /images/
    6. /data/
    7. and /themes/ if you had a custom theme.
  8. Now upload to your folder all files we extracted earlier except for the files we mentioned in the previous step and the “/install” folder
  9. Run in your browser http://yourdomain.com/oc-panel/update/database?from_version=1.1
  10. Ready!



If you are running a version of OE older than 1.4 you will get this message after updating:

Fatal error: Class ‘Database_Mysql’ not found , to fix it follow this short guide.

Then execute at your browser again: http://yourdomain.com/oc-panel/update/database?from_version=1.1


If you accidentally have clicked on update, please follow the manual update instructions.

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Regards from Open eShop team

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