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Open eShop 1.9.0


Here new release 1.9.0, not many things changed but worth to update 😉

What’s new:

  • “Order not found” after purchase
  • Product Stats filter by date
  • Fraudlabs pro to check fraud before purchase
  • Improve create product form
  • Stripe and paymill custom buttons
  • Other small issues and bugs, commits.

How to Update?

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One Year of Selling Online

On the 10th of November 2013 we posted a blog post announcing the launching of Open eShop and releasing it for free use to anyone who wants to sell ebooks, music, pdfs, software packages or any other digital good. What

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Can I remove license and banner?

Open eShop is an Open Source script. We´re giving the eCommerce for free but we ask in return to get recognition of our work and that anyone using the software for free to leave the license information in their website

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How to Activate Maintenance Mode

Some of the first things you should do when starting to sell things online is to actually put your website on maintenance mode until you’re ready to launch the site. You don’t want any potential clients to come to your

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How to Change Currency

One of the most commonly asked question by our users is how to deal with currency in which prices are displayed. Apparently it caused a lot of problems and misunderstandings. This is why we decided to make some improvements in

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