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Software Requirements and Hosting Providers

There are many hosting providers that are compatible with Open eShop, but what differs compatible hosting providers from the others? Well, it’s about our software requirements, which are pretty much standard for an eCommerce solution but there could be some hosting companies that don’t use the latest technologies.

Software requirements to install Open eShop:

  • A computer with the Internet connection
  • An internet browser
  • A web hosting provider

More technical ones:

  • MySQL 5+
  • Apache 2+
  • PHP 5.5+ or higher
  • Short Tags
  • mod_rewrite
  • GD support
  • mcrypt
  • Gettext
  • Curl

Where can I Host My Online Store?

It happens sometimes that a user purchases a hosting plan at some company, then downloads Open eShop and tries to run it on his website. Following those steps the user can get surprised with unexpected errors. Most of the times that is due to an incompatible hosting with Open eShop. To prevent that from happening and with Chema’s help we prepared a list of 16 hosting providers that we tested and they’re working with Open eShop. We also included a list of tested hosting providers that are not working with our software.

Tested Hosting Working With Open eShop: ✓

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How To Setup Infinite Scroll

When you are selling many digital goods in your online store and when you don’t want to show them in multiple pages you can make your products show in one page and appear as your users scroll down the product

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Is a Premium Theme Right for my Online Store?

Our Premium Themes have many additional advanced options, which are not available in the free version. Those features will help you improve the design and functionality of your ecommerce website. It will be more transparent, user-friendly, with extra payment options and

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How to Create an Online Store Blog

Content marketing is the current trend and it will be your main tool to get your digital goods store to rank higher in search engine results page, not mentioning the capability of communicating to your clients and followers. All of

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Overview of Widgets

Widgets are very useful elements of your digital goods store interface they provide an easy way to navigate and access different parts of your website, giving a better experience for your online buyers. You can select which one you want

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