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How to add a new product?

You already installed Open eShop and your website is up and running, but now you come to the step where you need to add your digital goods to your market.

Here are the steps to add a product:

  • Log in to your Admin Panel
  • Go to Products and press a blue button: New

Once you do that you will get to a form that needs to be filled with the product information (not all fields are mandatory). I will explain each point in that form and what it does exactly (there are some very useful boxes here).

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New premium themes coming soon…

We are working non stop for 1.3 release with new great stuff and new premium themes! Yes we will release a pure mobile premium theme and 2 new responsive themes that you will love. We will keep you posted!

What do you want us to build?

Do you have any great idea or anything to share? any feedback? Please use the comments below, we will read all of them and evaluate if we can implement it. We are also working on 1.3 that would be released

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New site design!

Hello, We are working on our new site. You may find some links not working or some typos, we are on it! For any suggestion feel free to post it in the comments 😉 thanks